Muslim-Watch Would Continue Under my Administration

White House contributed millons of dollars to pay for NYPD surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods |

The difference between my opponents and I in November 2013 is that I will be honest about it and they will be sneaky.

Unlike section 1021 of the NDAA 2012 which – may I remind all? – authorises the president of the United States to arrest any American for any length of time without charge or reason, the surveillance of muslim citizens and organizations has been a passive surveillance . Unlike NDAA section 1021, passive surveillance does not violate the constitutional rights of anyone.

The president will be trying to evade out the charge that he is aiding the effort. Governor Christie already weaseled out saying that he forgot or did not recall knowing anything – he was just a humble U.S. District Attorney for New Jersey when this happened; why should he know anything about anything? Mayor Booker is now… I really do not know what mayor Booker is doing.

But I can say what I will do if I am elected governor of New Jersey in 2013. I can say that I will be very vocal in seeking the repeal of section 1021 NDAA 2012. I can also guarantee everybody that the passive surveillance of muslims or any individuals who could constitute a recruiting pool for enemies of the state will continue until the day when Al Qaeda warriors start wearing uniforms, abide by the Geneva Conventions, or we are entirely out of the Middle East, have learned to mind our own business (I can’t wait for that day) and the so-called War on Terror is declared over.

To add a quasi personal comment here: I do not care what religion people practice. In fact, I do not practice any myself. Philosophy and science guide my life; not religion. I do not care about races either. Being of Spanish descent, I am certain to have both Roman and Moorish blood in my veins, something that is entirely fine with me.