The Revel of Atlantic City

Of course I hope the Revel is a great success and Atlantic City prospers. It is for that reason I have enclosed the website of the hotel casino below; sort of free publicity. Nonetheless, I had predicted that one new casino, however glamorous, will not change the equation much. But I would be honestly glad if I am found wrong in this one.

Revel – Home.

My posting on the subject of Atlantic City of March 12 – – left a vacuum in the area of access infrastructure which I had not had time to think about. The missing element in transportation appears to be rail and that is what I propose.

New Jersey Transit rail only reaches Bay Head from the north. Bay Head is about 4 miles south of Point Pleasant. Then Atlantic City has rail service  from Penn Station via Trenton and Philadelphia; a rather awkward combination if one just wants to go to Atlantic City for a day or two from NYC or northern New Jersey, where most people live.  There is no direct service in a bearing north-south connecting northern New Jersey to southern New Jersey.

My plan is simple: Using existing line from NYC Penn, one stop at Hoboken, one stop at Newark, and then the train proceeds using existing coast line to Red Bank where it makes the last stop on existing track. From then on, a new track must be laid on the right-of-way of the Garden State Parkway – to minimize the need of purchasing land – and the train proceeds non-stop to Atlantic City, and then with one last stop at Cape May. The connection with NJT rail service from northern and northwestern New Jersey would be at Hoboken.

We could even use a high velocity train if the old track up to the Red Bank junction is up to it. The building of the new rail line would be a source of good construction jobs and the rail would make the Jersey Shore more appealing to all year-round visiting.

I would have the State negotiate with the casinos to seek their financial support of this endeavor.