June-November 2012

This is my last article until after the U.S. Presidential election. I shall not endorse any of the candidates although I believe Romney will be far worse than Obama has been.

After two years of fighting almost alone, it is also time for me to rest and regroup before the big push of 2013. My entire program is posted in this blog and I have presented it in other sites. I can be considered the wrecking ball candidate because I intend to bring down the entire rotten structure of abuse and irresponsibility that the two dominant political parties have erected in New Jersey.

Former Governor Whitman advised newly elected Governor Christie in January 2010 “to above all have fun.” Governor Christie himself said last week that he loves the job 11 months of the year.

I take a much less sunny view of  governing: It is a burden – if one feels responsible for the well being of millions. It is when one does not give a damn that then it can be fun.

I will campaign as vigorously as I can from November 2012 on. By early Summer 2013, I will carry out an objective evaluation of my campaign and the degree of support I am receiving. If there is a fighting chance, I shall get on the ballot. If not, I will close the chapter.

I wish all very nice Summer and Autumn seasons.