Atlantic City

This is a matter that I have not spent a lot of time on. If the state economy does not rebound, things can not go well in AC.

But we must accept that casinos alone, even if the economy rebounds and regardless of the new one being built, will not pull Atlantic City forward.

There is already too much peripheral competition.

We must create, with the very limited resources that may be available, new attractions which would bring in a larger number of visitors; the type of visitors that would be more likely to stay and gamble in the casinos. Families with children do not gamble appreciably for obvious reasons.

I looked at the layout of the casino area and the city in general in Google Earth. The first idea that comes to my mind, in order to attract visitors to the city, is to propose declaring a portion of the beach adjacent to the boardwalk clothing-optional-zone  from dawn to dusk. Some state laws may have to be modified.

The small sector of Sandy Hook that is clothing optional is the success story of the federally-administered beach. People come from PA and as far as MA to the Gunison, clothing-optional area, at Sandy Hook.

The only thing that AC has that the competition around does not is that beach.

Please see posting:  Atlantic City: A Jewel in the Crown? of August 13, 2011 in this blog.


Someone’s comment on the article “Governor Christie calls stupid those who visit Vegas in the Summer”  in

September 07, 2011 at 9:41PM
“I think all of those people walking around Vegas in July and August will disagree with you. BTW – I’m one of them. The planes are filled to capacity going to Vegas. The sidewalks are crowded.

Oh, and they have something AC doesn’t have. Public drinking is permitted on the sidewalks in Vegas. Oh, and topless pools. Until AC adopts Vegas ‘standards’, there’s really no comparison.

It’s the little things too – I-15 that runs right next to the strip is 5 lanes in each direction in the Vegas area. Other interstate highways are no less than 3 lanes. Heading to AC, NJ had to fight for years just to make their highways 3 lanes each direction, and the Parkway continues to be 2 lanes per direction anywhere close to AC. It makes it very tough to even get to AC. In fact, it’s easier to get to the airports to fly to Vegas than it is to try to travel to Atlantic City!!!”


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