Political Program

Program for 2014-2018

Andrea Dealmagro: Candidate for governor of NJ in November 2013.

Agenda as proposed; submitting to Legislature and public referendum as needed.

NOTE: I do not accept political contributions of any kind. No exceptions.

>>>Requiring Both Legislative Action and Public Referendum:

1. Constitutional amendment to limit Home Rule in NJ.

Structure of town government remains the same minus police department. Town budgets are met by the state. Budgets proportional to population.

2. Consolidation of all police departments into one Police of New Jersey. All police stations remain active.Command and intelligence are centralized. Command and administration are streamlined. Standardization of salary guides is gradual.

3. Abolition of county governments.
County tax board remains to manage property taxes of non-residents and rental properties. Public works dept. also remains. County schools and jails go under state jurisdiction.

4. Consolidation of all boards of education into a NJ Board of Education.
Principals become paramount. Standardization of salary guides is gradual. Uncompromised support for public and higher education.

5. Elimination of the property tax for NJ residents, farms, and businesses. This is to stimulate real estate market and the building sector. Rental properties continue to pay property tax because of the renters’ tax credit.

6. Elimination of the state sales tax.
This is to stimulate commerce and tourism.

7. Terms limits for all members of the New Jersey Legislature. The limit would be two terms, consecutive or not, for both Senate and Assembly.

>>>Requiring Legislative Action Only:

8Reduction and consolidation of all independent authorities, commissions, and councils to less than half of the actual number (about 600).

9. Increase of the state income, interest, dividend, and capital gains taxes.
To make up for loss or revenue of # 5, 6, and 9 minus the potential savings of # 2, 3, 4, and potential additional revenue from # 11 and 12. Most dividends from investment in N.J. are tax-exempt.

10. Reduction of tax on dividends of S corporations and possible reduction of corporate taxes.
This is related to proposal # 8. Its goal is to attract more companies (and jobs) to NJ and to help small businesses.

11. Modification of NJSA 11A & NJAC 4A (Civil Service).
Executive service and unclassified at-will appointments are reduced to a bare minimum. This is fundamental to control political patronage and the exponential growth of government.

12. Decriminalization of the consumption of marijuana in the State of New Jersey. Due to federal law, sale of marijuana can not be made legal.  

13. Legalization of gay marriage. 

14. Simplification of the NJ Tax Code to two tiers. I estimate the top rate would be around 20% and the lower rate about half of the higher one.

15. Medical malpractice tort reform – a right to sue clause in all policies, similar in concept to the auto clause.


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