New Jersey and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


NJ Spotlight | Taking the First Steps Toward a New Jersey Health Exchange.

The law, also known as Obamacare, mandates that all states must have healthcare insurance exchanges established by January 2014.

That means that the establishment of the exchange will be pretty much left to the Christie administration and I, if elected governor in November 2013, will be forced to reform it if the finished product is unsatisfactory.

It could also happen that the Christie administration drags its feet and the New Jersey exchange is not ready by January 2014.

The exchange and the way it will be set up will greatly affect the cost of healthcare in New Jersey, one of the states with highest healthcare costs. Healthcare costs are one of the greatest burdens on businesses, large and small, families, and individuals. They are also a deterrent to hiring.

I am committed to have a healthcare exchange that creates the most dynamic and competitive healthcare market possible. Accordingly I am determined to seek to the availability to all of a neutral, public option, along with the private insurers.

By neutral I mean that the public option will be self-sufficient, supported exclusively by premiums, and it will not seek a profit but it will not be subsidized through taxation either.

Administration 0f the public option will be submitted to open bid first. If bids from private administrators turn out to be unreasonable, I will propose to have the state creating its own administrative agency.


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