The Gay Campaign of Bernie 2016 (La Campagne Drôle)

I am entitled to some plain language here: After all I maxed out in my contributions to Bernie 2016.

Bernie stressed on issues but failed to connect Hillary to those issues. How can you run an effective ad against TPP without mentioning that Clinton was who – as Secretary of State – WROTE the damn treaty?

Bernie has been stepping on eggs from day 1. He should have been a pit bull in those debates. Did he really mean to win the nomination? I am beginning to wonder now.

Bernie called Hillary “disingenuous” repeatedly. Why not hypocrite? Why not opportunistic? Bernie has been doing this campaign like the French fought in 1940: La Guerre Drôle. Hillary Clinton is a natural liar and should have been exposed as such.

For all practical purposes, the Bernie campaign has ceased to fight for the nomination although he still claims he is trying to win and continues to ask for money. He is attacking anybody but Clinton. Obviously he has folded and now they all are looking to unite the democrats against Trump.

The problem I have with this is the following: When I stack Clinton against Trump, she has started 2 wars (Syria and Libya both in 2011 while Secretary of State) against Trump 0. She is pro-trade and globalization whereas Trump believes trade agreements have destroyed American industry and put the American Middle Class in the poor house.

So Trump has a problem with Muslims? So do I for that matter as long as they come around putting bombs and killing civilians.

I don’t think that just Black Lives Matter. I think all lives matter.

I was never a party robot. I vote on the merits and programs of candidates. Obama fooled me in 2008 – he is just a pseudo Democrat and has wrecked the ideological foundation of the Democratic Party. That is why we Democrats have lost both chambers and so many states; people just quit believing. When defending principles and ideals, being a “moderate” is paramount to betrayal.

I was asked to become a delegate for Bernie. I refused 48 hours ago. I refuse to be part of the charade in Philly in July.


The cost of going from point A to point B

How $4 Gas Is Killing the Middle Class |

From being a pleasure and a symbol of American prosperity, driving has become the costly every day nuisance, unavoidable for most of us because most alternatives were dismantled and the era of cheap fuel encouraged many of us to move far away from  the centers of employment.

Random development has made us hostages of the internal combustion engine on wheels.

We have become slaves of overtaxed homes and expensive-to-operate automobiles. Of the latter, we love the convenience and detest the cost. Americans will spend $490 billion – with a B – in fuel by the end of this year.

New Jersey is at the front of this struggle, and to the cost of operating the everyday commuting auto, add the aggravation of snail-paced traffic during rush hour and our crumbling roads and bridges.

Prices of all fuels will trend to increase even if the developed countries stay in recession – which I believe they will for a decade or so. The emerging economies will be growing at healthy rates and their appetite for fuels will continue to increase as they also embrace the automobile, air conditioning, and central heating.

Our stagnant wages will not compensate for inflation in the cost of fuels – and its consequnce: the rise in the price of food.

As governor, I would emphasize the development of alternative means of commuting, such as trolleys and light rail. I am also inclined to study the feasibility of a rail system that is not centered in New York City but rather that responds better to the needs of residents of New Jersey.

I’ll never forget the day I wanted to go from Cliffside Park to Montclair State  University (then college) using mass transit and I was forced to take a bus to NYC and there another to Montclair and still walk a distance to the school. It took me almost 3 hours to do the entire thing, one way.

Operation “Twist”? The American middle class was the engine of the world economy and that engine has seized

Can the Federal Reserve get banks lending? – Sep. 23, 2011.

Operation “Twist” is DOA.  The fundamental problem is lack of demand and to have demand we must prop-up the consumer, not with gimmicks cooked up in back-room deals among politicians but by genuine tax and political reforms.

It does not matter if banks ease lending.

The engine of capitalism was the American consumer, led by the middle class. But the policies of the two parties have run that engine without oil for 30 years and now the engine has seized.