Super Tuesday and Beyond

South Carolina was a debacle but it was expected. I am hopeful that Bernie will do well on March 1 and if so I believe we should fight on, all the way to the Democratic convention.

But in the event the outcome on March 1 does not support a realistic prolongation of the campaign, I very strongly believe that Bernie and the grassroots organization his campaign has built should move on to achieve permanency, to create a new political party; a Liberal Party of the United States.

Funds remainign with the Bernie 2016 campaign should be put toward this goal, if election contribution law allows it.

I believe this party should establish a very clearly defined ideological platform in order to prevent the highjacking of the party by pseudo Liberals. The new Liberal Party should also concentrate on forming a legion of cadres, running for public office at local levels, building up a solid foundation aiming at the future. This is a Marathon; not the 100 meter sprint. This is the great challenge for the younger generations: Takaing back our country and reclaiming their future.

The votes so far have showed that the baby boomers have for the most part stuck with Hillary. That is in my opinion very selfish; the last display of selfishness of the generation that brought us Reagan and all the misery that followed. The votes have also showed the racial split; Blacks are predominantly supporting the candidates of their race or those supported by Obama, regardless of the merits of the positions they (the candidates) adopt. I call that visual alignment (versus intellectual alignment that most voters follow).

Millenials: it is time to move on and reach for your future

The strict ideological platform is a must in light of what has happened to the Democratic Party. The DM has been hollowed by the pseudo Democrats; hollowed of ideas and raison d’etre (other that keeping the Republicans out of office). More and more states and local governments have fallen under Republican control because the Democratic Party has lost its identity. Both Clinton and Obama did incalculable harm to the Democratic cause.


Egyptian Presidential Election Today, French, Greek Legislative Elections in June – All Critical

The Egyptian candidates, 13 in all, range from islamists to former ministers of the Mubarak regime. The outcome of this election, the first free election in Egyptian history, may have profound consequences in the Middle East. Unfortunately, women have been marginalized in this historic event. Not a single presidential candidate is female. Egyptian women were very active during the revolution which led to the election.

The French will go to the polls to elect a new National Assembly and its composition will be paramount in determining whether President Hollande will be able to carry out his program or instead adopt a more centrist approach.

With the arrival of Hollande, huge differences have surfaced between Germany and France in how to deal with the crisis. Hollande’s call for the creation of the euro-bond has been rejected by Germany, The Netherlands, and Finland.

With the euro bond, the borrowing cost for these 3 nations would increase while others, debt strapped nations, would find borrowing cheaper. The euro bond would homogenize their credit ratings.

All continental members of the EU want to impose a tax on financial transactions which would benefit fiscally in two ways: By generating revenue and by reducing speculation. Only the U.S and Britain oppose the move. But by opposing this tax, and the reduction of speculation, both the U.S. and Britain may be shooting themselves in the foot. If the EU breaks apart, they will feel the pain too. Britain is part of the EU but not of the eurozone.

The Greeks are forming a new government in June and the composition of this government may be the key on whether Greece stays in the euro zone. Further international fiscal support for Greece hinges on whether the new Greek government swallows the bitter pill of austerity reforms. French President Hollande however favors reducing the size of the pill and instituting growth measures simultaneously.

If Greece leaves the euro zone, all bets are off. There is really no precedent in this area so the consequences are difficult to predict. Greece leaving the common currency zone may trigger a contagion effect in both Italy and Spain.

I do not understand why the ECB does not devaluate the euro more to make European-made products more competitive. I believe decisive action in that area should be taken rapidly but it is not happening and the exchange rate is being left to the currency markets where the euro has lost some ground but not enough to really make a difference.

What we all can count on is that all these events will affect us profoundly here in the U.S. The only thing certain is uncertainty.

Occupy-To-Amend in Trenton Yesterday

Hundreds of protesters occupy courthouses across US to protest spending in federal elections – The Washington Post.

As in numerous cities across the country, there was a protest in front of the Federal Courthouse at 402 East State Street, Trenton, yesterday. I had the honor of participating  as just another protester . One of my sons came along too. I did not take any photos but our organizer did take some and he provided me with this one.

The date marked the second anniversary of the disastrous decision of the U.S. Supreme Court “Citizens United VS FEC”. The decision proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that money corrupts everything.

We had a permit. It was blistering cold and windy. The police was courteous and kept the distance. The  proprietors of the federal building were gracious enough to offer bathroom facilities inside the courthouse. There were no incidents other than freezing toes. I loved the police dogs – I have a thing for animals.

I was encouraged to notice that there was abundant connection with passer-byes. We received considerable support and sympathy although our group was small. But I would say that everyone among us, with the exception of my son, was at or above 35 years old. That is ominous.

The coordinator of Move-To-Amend in the Trenton region is Tom Toth and the e-mail address is

As Politicians Rake More Private Contributions, Public Election Funding May Be Abolished by Republicans Who Control the House

As White House candidates abandon public funding, Republicans look to end system – The Washington Post.

This would certainly make if much more difficult for third parties and independent candidates (unless they are filthy rich) to run effectively and be elected to public office.

It seems to me that this plan, together with the McCain/ Levin proposal to formalize in a law the end of due process as we know it, are all pieces of an elaborate design to crush any legal opposition to the ruling class control of power.

This is not good at all. The one great virtue of our system was its fluidity and upper mobility. With these steps, we will have a ruling cast, like a exclusive club where no one else is allowed.

OWS should have taken on the goal of pushing for a constitutional amendment to overrule the U.S. Supreme Court decision “Citizens United vs. FEC”, thus defining ‘person’ and restricting donations to real persons eligible to vote, with a monetary limit. It is a shame that the movement is all over the place, politically speaking. It should have developed into something more coherent with a solid platform by now.

Scott Turrow in Bloomberg Calls on OWS to Lead Effort to Restore Democracy in the U.S.

How Occupy Wall Street Can Restore Clout of the 99%: Scott Turow – Bloomberg.

At the heart of the article is the call for an effort to fire-up a national movement to pass an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, limiting political contributions in elections.

Money is destroying our democracy. This is a state of affairs which the current U.S. Supreme Court worsened considerably with its 2010 decision “Citizens United vs FEC”. The decision among other things gave a degree of “personhood” to corporations and political action committees.

As I have written before, that decision has done more harm to our country than most external enemies ever will.

A constitutional amendment may be the only possible way to restore the political balance that the current conservative court has upset.

Why I Called for a Boycott of the Past Election

Why your vote for Congress might not matter –

This applies to New Jersey above all. The two dominant parties carve the state with their redistricting at the pleasure and whether it is democrats or republicans who get the advantage, it does not make much difference for the average American. Democrats are bad, republicans are worse, thus the choices are whether we stay in the frying pan or jump into the fire.

We get to choose freely at the booth but the choices offered are dismal and the two parties draw the elections laws to exclude everyone else, not with a squad of soldiers barring the opposition, but with more insidious methods such as rules and laws tailored to maintain their control.

Until we get a wave of independent candidates out there vowing to reform the system, elections are a sham.