Washington Liquidating Private Sector Labor Unions Through the Back Door

Crippling the Right to Organize – NYTimes.com.

The National Labor Relations Board, NLRB,  was created by FDR in 1935 and is for the private sector what the Public Employment Relations Commission, PERC, is for public employees in New Jersey. The NLRB covers the entire nation and it is indispensable in arbitrating contract disputes, violation of labor laws by both employers and unions, organizing,  etc.

U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that the NLRB can not function without a quorum.  As of January 2012 it will lack a quorum.

We are not eliminating labor unions by decree like fascists states did or putting puppets at the head of unions like the communists do. We are pulling the legal platform from under the unions. The  methods may be a bit more refined but the end-result is the same

As the writer notes, the republicans have the bulk of responsibility in this situation but then president Obama shares a great deal of that responsibility as well. In what I perceive as a Machiavellic move, he has proposed two very pro-union candidates for the board, most likely knowing full well that those nominations are going nowhere. So he can tell the unions he tried to place their friends in the board and at the same time renders the board inoperable by default – which is the ultimate goal of the other side. But of course, that is only if there is other side. Perhaps there is only one side.

The NLRB, like PERC, should be populated by civil service professionals, and not political appointments. Healthy labor relations are fundamental for the revival the this nation’s economy.

If the NLRB falls, and if elected governor of New Jersey in 2013, I will propose to the legislature to create a NJLRB or PERC doubling for both public and private sectors. We must never forget that the worker is also the consumer and that without consumer demand there is no economic growth.