A vote for Clinton is a vote for War

Hillary R. Clinton ran the US State Department from 2009 through 2013, overseeing the Grand Debacle in the Middle East and the collapse of US diplomacy into the trap of demanding Syria’s Assad departure or else.

It is in foreign relations that she claims her greater advantage over Bernie Sanders but Clinton still embraces the old Cold War Russophobia, this at a time when the US and Russia must work together t manage the multiple crisis points.

Of course, everybody knows she supported H.W. Bush with her vote for war against Iraq in the U.S. Senate in 2003. Much sorrow has come from that vote.


Greek Debt Deal Passes: Europe Must Focus on Growth – U.S. Adds 227,000 Jobs – Governor Christie Throws Environment Under the Bus

BBC News – Greek debt swap ‘success’ welcomed by European leaders.

Probably not many Americans realise how much was at stake here and although the respite gained by Greece is temporary and comes at a cost, it provides time for Europe to energize the euro zone economies.

The first step toward that goal, in my opinion, is to devaluate the common currency, probably to reach parity with the US dollar. This would make imports more expensive and euro-zone exports cheaper abroad. Tourism, one of the industries where Greece can show rapid growth, would greatly benefit from a cheaper €. The Greek economy contracted 7.5% in the last 3 months of 2011 under the weight of austerity measures.

One other factor is to control the price of oil and Europe must make an effort in muffling the war drums in the Middle East. The E.U must take the high ground of reason and diplomacy. High oil prices will make growth more difficult for everyone but the weaker economies will suffer the most.

The prudence in foreign policy that I advocate above applies to the United States as well. We should not be playing firemen elsewhere when our house is smoldering.

The Greek swap deal was welcomed by numerous private sector lenders to Greece, who said it paved the way for agreement on the EU bailout.

“The very strong and positive result provides a major opportunity now for Greece to move ahead with its economic reform program, while strengthening the  €  area’s ability to create an economic environment of stability and growth,” said Josef Ackermann, chairman of the International Institute of Finance, which represents private lenders.

U.S. Extends Its Run of Strong Job Growth Another Month – NYTimes.com.

It is the third consecutive month above 200,000 nationally. Unemployment however remains at 8.3. Nonetheless, the absence of bad news is good news. If this continues, it will help President Obama in November.

Christie administration adopts rule allowing businesses to bypass N.J. environmental regulations | NJ.com.

This was expected because the governor had proposed it in 2011. New Jersey is the most polluted state in the nation, with the possible exception of Louisiana. It is an act of desperation of an administration bent on creating some economic growth on faulty foundations. Growth that comes at the expense of the environment is not sustainable but what does he care? The governor is constantly flirting with higher offices which would involve moving to Maryland or Virginia. It really does not matter (to him) if he leaves a mess behind.

If elected governor in 2013, my policies will aim at sustainable growth with most consideration for maintaining the environmental integrity of New Jersey. Will I be an environmental zealot? Certainly not. But I will not exchange public health and quality of life for the mighty dollar either.

War with Iran Unjustifiable and Would Be Disastruous for the United States Economy

There is no way that an attack on Iran will be limited to a few air strikes and then the conflict will fizzle out. If israel or the United States – or both – attack Iran, we will be opening the Pandora’s Box of war in the entire Middle East. In such a conflict, it is more than likely that the bulk of our allies will stay neutral. Many Iranians who oppose their current tyrannical regime will rally to defend their country from Israeli and U.S. attack.

Among the steps that Iran may take to respond to our attack are stirring up the secession of Shiite southern Iraq thus cutting off access of the rest of the country to the Persian Gulf, disrupting Iraqi oil production, sinking ships in the relatively narrow and shallow Strait of Hormuz to block Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Qatari and Saudi oil exports, mine-laying in the Persian Gulf and even in the adjacent Gulf of Oman, unleashing Hezbollah on the northern border of Israel, opening a front on the western border of Afghanistan which is relatively quiet now, etc

Disruption of the commercial traffic through the Strait of Hormuz will send the price of oil sky high. Needless to say what effect that would have on New Jersey’s economy and the entire country.

Notice that in the data below there is no box indicating how many times the two nations have been attacked: Israel was attacked in 1948 – right after declaring independence – and in 1973 – the Yom Kippur War – but Iran was not among the aggressors in either conflict.

Iran, on the other hand, was occupied by the Soviet Union and Great Britain during WWII, saw a coup d’etat engineered by the CIA and MI6 in 1953, and was invaded by Iraq in 1980.

From Globalfirepower.com.

Population Israel: 7.2 Million Iran: 70 Million
Wars launched on neighbors: Israel: 1956, 1967, 1982, 2006, 2008-9 Iran: 0
Nuclear Warheads Israel: ~200 Iran: 0
Military Budgets: Israel: $13.4 Billion * Iran: $7.4 Billion
Per capita military expenditure: Israel: $1,805 Iran: $105
Total Aircraft Israel: 1,220 Iran: 84***
Active Military and Reserve Personnel Israel: ~600,000 Iran: 875,000
Total land-based weapons: Israel: 14,200 ** Iran: 5,499 **

* Includes $2 Billion in U.S aid.

** May include tanks, pieces of artillery, rocket launchers. etc

*** Most Iranian aircraft are pre-revolution models, such as the Phantom-4 of the Vietnam War era.

The AIPAC (American Israeli Political Affairs Committee), which is essentially a super PAC, has strong influence in Washington and is pushing the U.S. closer toward the Israeli position of taking military action this year. We should be committed to Israel’s defense; not to Israel’s aggression. I have zero sympathy for the tyrannical regime of Iran. But that is not the point here. The President of the United States should never subordinate the interests of this nation to those of others.

War with Iran is not in the interest of the United States even if Iran develops a nuclear weapon. We are living with countries such as Pakistan and North Korea with nuclear arms. That is why the United States (and Israel) have a nuclear deterrent for.

Muslim-Watch Would Continue Under my Administration

White House contributed millons of dollars to pay for NYPD surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods | NJ.com.

The difference between my opponents and I in November 2013 is that I will be honest about it and they will be sneaky.

Unlike section 1021 of the NDAA 2012 which – may I remind all? – authorises the president of the United States to arrest any American for any length of time without charge or reason, the surveillance of muslim citizens and organizations has been a passive surveillance . Unlike NDAA section 1021, passive surveillance does not violate the constitutional rights of anyone.

The president will be trying to evade out the charge that he is aiding the effort. Governor Christie already weaseled out saying that he forgot or did not recall knowing anything – he was just a humble U.S. District Attorney for New Jersey when this happened; why should he know anything about anything? Mayor Booker is now… I really do not know what mayor Booker is doing.

But I can say what I will do if I am elected governor of New Jersey in 2013. I can say that I will be very vocal in seeking the repeal of section 1021 NDAA 2012. I can also guarantee everybody that the passive surveillance of muslims or any individuals who could constitute a recruiting pool for enemies of the state will continue until the day when Al Qaeda warriors start wearing uniforms, abide by the Geneva Conventions, or we are entirely out of the Middle East, have learned to mind our own business (I can’t wait for that day) and the so-called War on Terror is declared over.

To add a quasi personal comment here: I do not care what religion people practice. In fact, I do not practice any myself. Philosophy and science guide my life; not religion. I do not care about races either. Being of Spanish descent, I am certain to have both Roman and Moorish blood in my veins, something that is entirely fine with me.

Of War and the Reign of Fear – Forever

Todd : «La réalité de l’Amérique est qu’elle est toujours en guerre».

“The reality of America is that she is always at war”

Do not take me for a dove. I was going berserk – in Old Blog – last year when Obama and NATO were hesitant while the forces of Libyan dictator Kadhafi approached Benghazi. I implored for supporting the rebels and almost threw a party when I heard that the French planes had begun attacking the advancing army in the desert and that we were about to help too. I supported president Obama in that moment as I had supported him in November 2008.

I opposed, and still oppose communism.  I was a political prisoner in Cuba. Those times deeply marked me. I believe we must have a strong defense. But there are limits. We have clearly gone over those limits with the Indefinite Detention Clause in the NDAA.  And the bellicose atmosphere is pervasive. Even the mainstream media is always talking about powerful weapons and the warfare of the future. Point in case: The NYT yesterday. NYT: Take a chill pill. Will there be a future if we go on this path?

Guns or Butter?

We have over 1000 military bases in the world. But many of our young are unemployed or underemployed. Many veterans too.


I am supporting Ron Paul today because every other candidate out there, including the incumbent president, are bent on maintaining a state of constant war and fear which is redefining the country not only in substance but in our minds and the minds of the rest of the world. I do not support Paul in everything but he resonates in the most important factors: Liberty and Peace.

And it is time for Peace. The few thousand terrorists across the globe are a police, special forces, and intelligence matter; not an army and navy issue. In the case of Iran, we have a nuclear deterrent and it has served us well against more formidable foes.

The Marianne.Fr article above is a synopsis of a book which says precisely that. And the worse part is that we are NOT winning wars, or minds, or hearts. We are feared, hated, and losing: Iraq is again showing its fault lines.  There is also an attempt to justify the heavy military footprint with the argument that the military-related industry in vital for the economy: I do not dispute that. But the facts, the experience, history, all show that military expending generates much less growth than conventional, infrastructure, industrial, education, R&D spending.

I believe our defense budget is greater that all the other defense budgets in the planet combined. We have more people in jail than China, a communist country with 4 times our population.

To enhance the war, but also – I suspect – to squash any dissidence at home, Congress and Obama have teamed up to shred the 4th. Amendment of the Constitution of the United States on New Years Eve.

People, wake up! To allegedly protect liberty, our current government is suppressing it. We do not need or want a police state in what was the Land of the Free.

2011 Ends in Flux

BBC News – Ireland faces new wave of emigration.

It is not only the Irish. There are also many young Spaniards, French, Portuguese, Italians, emigrating to Germany Australia, Canada, and the U.S. But the euro is dropping and that may mean that European exports will become cheaper. Italy’s bonds are selling at lower interest. There could be light at the end of the long eurozone tunnel.


Meanwhile, the U. S. economy continues to sputter. It is moving but painfully so.

Employment is a function of supply, which in turn is a function of demand, which in turn is a function of disposable, income, wages, wealth shaped in a reasonably low and widely-based  pyramid. Does anybody understand that concatenated relationship? It is of no use to have cheap credit if there is no demand.


Another War?

Who cares if Iran develops a nuclear weapon? That is why we have a nuclear deterrent, isn’t it? North Korea and Pakistan both have nukes and the chances of terrorists getting their hands on one bomb are at least as great in those countries as it would be in Iran.

Is it in the interests of the United States to enter another conflict? My answer is a resoundingly no and I urge the president not to sign the law black-listing the Iranian Central Bank. The ICB sells the Iranian oil. The law would essentially be  an embargo against Iran. President Obama has said he does not like the law but will sign it anyway… Why is he doing it then for?

Every war-monger I have seen would not be doing the fighting.


China is looking north. China does not invade anybody for oil. They simply buy it.

China is the largest trading nation and has the largest merchant fleet in the world.  While we develop the new super aircraft carrier, the Ford Class, they build the largest container ships.


The Arab Spring stretches into Winter:

Fighting continues in Syria, Egypt, Yemen. Tunisia and Libya sound like success stories although un islamist party won the first elections in Tunisia – not a surprise considering they were the spearhead of the resistance for many years.


And poor New Jersey, ends the year with the announcement – by the governor himself – that 2012 will be the year of education. It is ironic, Fidel Castro, a master of demagoguery, used to dedicate the years to some grand enterprise too, at least during the first decade of the revolution. Yes, we had an education year in Cuba too and if I remember well it was 1961.

So for New Jersey, 2012 will be the year of the dismantling of public education while the root factors in the failing districts are ignored. Why are they ignored? Because they are ideological taboos for this governor.

To educate more and better, we must have the children in an education-auspicious-setting for longer time; much longer time.

In the meantime, out New Jersey economy stumbles along at a languid pace, and a dentist in central New Jersey measures our decay in the teeth of his patients:


We are not only losing our jobs and our homes; we are losing our teeth too.