Enter Donald Trump

I voted for Trump on Tuesday. Moving from Bernie to Trump does not seem incongruous because in the issues that matter the most to me, such as trade and foreign policy, Trump is much closer to Bernie’s position than Hillary ever was.

Hillary is the last candidate of the neo-liberal current in the Democratic party. The Democratic neo-libs can also be called Phonies and DINO. Carter was the last president of the FDR/LBJ Democrats. Bill Clinton launched globalization РI remember him talking about the New World Order around 1994. He was the first president after the demise of the USSR and with no more fear of Communism, he served as an agent of the capital elites bent on erasing borders and creating a capitalist global economy. Since Bill Clinton, Bush II and Obama both followed the same path with some distinct touches to remind us of their partisan label and maintain the illusion of two opposing parties; in fact it is the Establishment that governs.

Obamacare is a partisan label. It is a form of ineffective healthcare reform – it lacks a public option and that is a terminal flaw. But the long debate over it served and still serves to remind us that Reps and Dems are somewhat different.

I believe that the last time we had and election where two truly opposite philosophies collided was in November 1979. In less than 40 years since, the American middle and working classes has been harmed tremendously while the extremely wealthy became super extremely wealthy. Notice that Obama was quick in crushing Occupy Wall Street.

The Democratic neo-libs have garnished their push toward globalization with a layer of guilt on the white majority on both the US and Western Europe. They have allowed in millions of non whites to reinforce the idea of the “global village”. European leaders quickly jumped on the globalization bandwagon, following Washington’s lead. UK PM Tony Blair, another neo-lib, once boasted that under his tenure London had become a metropolis where 200 languages were spoken. Destroying national identity and culture by dilution with immigrants from incompatible cultures who do not assimilate serves to eliminate the sense of nationhood. No nation = no tariffs = more profits for the elites.

Merkel has brought into Germany a million Muslims to make Germany less German; not because she cares about Syrians or Afghans. Same goes for Hollande in France, Renzi in Italy, etc.

What will Trump do? We will see. I am certain the Establishment is already at work to tame him.


Protests Against NDAA in Grand Central Station, NYC – Videos



As Politicians Rake More Private Contributions, Public Election Funding May Be Abolished by Republicans Who Control the House

As White House candidates abandon public funding, Republicans look to end system – The Washington Post.

This would certainly make if much more difficult for third parties and independent candidates (unless they are filthy rich) to run effectively and be elected to public office.

It seems to me that this plan, together with the McCain/ Levin proposal to formalize in a law the end of due process as we know it, are all pieces of an elaborate design to crush any legal opposition to the ruling class control of power.

This is not good at all. The one great virtue of our system was its fluidity and upper mobility. With these steps, we will have a ruling cast, like a exclusive club where no one else is allowed.

OWS should have taken on the goal of pushing for a constitutional¬†amendment to overrule the U.S. Supreme Court decision “Citizens United vs. FEC”, thus defining ‘person’ and restricting donations to real persons eligible to vote, with a monetary limit. It is a shame that the movement is all over the place, politically speaking. It should have developed into something more coherent with a solid platform by now.

30,000 OWS Protesters in NYC Yesterday,

November 17: Historic Day of Action for the 99% | OccupyWallSt.org.

Despite some missteps in tactics – like the static occupation of a park – the movement represents the loudest expression of some of the problems we face in America.

Some concrete demands are in order though, such as the overruling of that toxic decision of the U.S. Supreme Court “Citizens United VS FEC”. The OWS movement would be well served if it started, right at this point, a push toward an amendment to the constitution of the United States restricting donations to individuals, defining individuals as living beings, and establishing some limit to political contributions.

I believe such a call would resonate widely and no time is too soon to start because passing such an amendment is a long process.

For the people of the United States, I can not think of a more significant reform than dismissing that fateful Supreme Court decision.