A vote for Clinton is a vote for War

Hillary R. Clinton ran the US State Department from 2009 through 2013, overseeing the Grand Debacle in the Middle East and the collapse of US diplomacy into the trap of demanding Syria’s Assad departure or else.

It is in foreign relations that she claims her greater advantage over Bernie Sanders but Clinton still embraces the old Cold War Russophobia, this at a time when the US and Russia must work together t manage the multiple crisis points.

Of course, everybody knows she supported H.W. Bush with her vote for war against Iraq in the U.S. Senate in 2003. Much sorrow has come from that vote.


From Russia with love?


Three Chechen islamists rebels, including one of the chiefs of the rebellion in Chechnya, have been killed in Istanbul, Turkey, in a drive-by shooting carried out by unidentified individuals riding on a black vehicle. The perpetrators escaped.

Chechnya was part of the Soviet Union and is a federal republic under the control of Russia now.