Moody’s Assigns Negative to New Jersey; Questions “Comeback”

The rating agency forecast that New Jersey is falling behind the nation and revenue will remain below expectations. Since government revenue is almost a direct function of GDP, the forecast indicates that New Jersey’s economic growth will lag behind the rest of the country for the next 14 months. Job creation is also determined by economic growth.

This is an implicit indictment of the economic policies – or lack of – of the Christie administration and his democrat accomplices in the N.J. Legislature.

Add Moody’s to those questioning Christie’s ‘Jersey Comeback’ : page all –

Governor Christie launched a propaganda blitz with his “New Jersey Comeback” at the start of the year, perhaps aiming more to a national audience than to New Jersey itself. However, it has backfired in the face of the numbers. In fact, New Jersey is a drag on the national economy.

The evidence is symptomatic of a monumental philosophical failure.

At the roots of our difficulties is the reluctance of both dominant parties to engage in the drastic structural reforms needed. An overhaul of the tax code, increasing the minimum wage, elimination of the layer of county governments, and a constitutional amendment abolishing certain aspects of home rule are at the core of those reforms. Already in the third year of his administration, the governor is short in time to begin implementing the changes needed, even if he wanted to.

In the end, the future of New Jersey will be in the hands of the voters in November 2013: You will be deciding your own future and your children’s.


If New Jersey Fails To Create Healthcare Exchange by 2014, The U.S. May Do It For Us

Concern growing over deadlines for health- care exchanges – The Washington Post.

This could affect what people pay for healthcare and what businesses pay for the healthcare policies of their employees which in turn could affect employment, economic activity, state revenue; in short: Everything.

I have stated numerous times that, if elected governor of New Jersey in 2013, we will create a healthcare exchange with a powerful public option in it. Affordable healthcare available to all is one of the principal barometers  that measure quality of life. Quality of life is one of the factors which attract corporations to invest in a region.