The Gay Campaign of Bernie 2016 (La Campagne Drôle)

I am entitled to some plain language here: After all I maxed out in my contributions to Bernie 2016.

Bernie stressed on issues but failed to connect Hillary to those issues. How can you run an effective ad against TPP without mentioning that Clinton was who – as Secretary of State – WROTE the damn treaty?

Bernie has been stepping on eggs from day 1. He should have been a pit bull in those debates. Did he really mean to win the nomination? I am beginning to wonder now.

Bernie called Hillary “disingenuous” repeatedly. Why not hypocrite? Why not opportunistic? Bernie has been doing this campaign like the French fought in 1940: La Guerre Drôle. Hillary Clinton is a natural liar and should have been exposed as such.

For all practical purposes, the Bernie campaign has ceased to fight for the nomination although he still claims he is trying to win and continues to ask for money. He is attacking anybody but Clinton. Obviously he has folded and now they all are looking to unite the democrats against Trump.

The problem I have with this is the following: When I stack Clinton against Trump, she has started 2 wars (Syria and Libya both in 2011 while Secretary of State) against Trump 0. She is pro-trade and globalization whereas Trump believes trade agreements have destroyed American industry and put the American Middle Class in the poor house.

So Trump has a problem with Muslims? So do I for that matter as long as they come around putting bombs and killing civilians.

I don’t think that just Black Lives Matter. I think all lives matter.

I was never a party robot. I vote on the merits and programs of candidates. Obama fooled me in 2008 – he is just a pseudo Democrat and has wrecked the ideological foundation of the Democratic Party. That is why we Democrats have lost both chambers and so many states; people just quit believing. When defending principles and ideals, being a “moderate” is paramount to betrayal.

I was asked to become a delegate for Bernie. I refused 48 hours ago. I refuse to be part of the charade in Philly in July.


Hillary is a Chamaleon

Chamaleons change their skin color to blend with the surface they stand on. They can go from green to brown (or viceversa) in seconds.

Hillary Clinton supported TPP and TTIP (The Asia and Europe Free Trade Agreements, respectively, that Obama has been pushing through,with their contents kept secret from the public) as Secretary of State and after. Then, under attack from Bernie, she switched to a NO position about two months ago. But have no doubt she will reverse to YES if nominated, when it becomes convenient. I am certain she will claim to have “reconsidered”.

TPP and TTIP will further decimate American manufacturing, deplete good paying jobs, and thin labot unions. They will increase the GDP with the money going to the multinational corporations and the 1%.

We all know HRC is the favorite puppet of Wall Street. As Bernie Sanders put it, “She talks to Wall Street in the morning and to labor unions in the afternoon.” She is an uprincipled opportunist.

Speaking of labor unions, their myopia is enough to make one weep; most of them have shunned the only candidate (Bernie) who would stand for them. Endorsing somebody who already won is a worthless proposition. Endorsements that count and are never forgotten are those that happen during the contest, when there is risk in them.

If Clinton becomes the nominee, the unions will sheepishly line up to endorse her, she will accept the endosements with her plastic smile, and go on to thrown them under the bus at the first moment it is expedient.

Elizabeth Warren has missed a historic opportunity – so far – to participate in this battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. Well, too bad for her because sitting by the sidelines is the direct path toward irrelevancy and oblivion. Ideologically she seems akin to Bernie but has decided not to help him while it can have an impact.

I hope Bernie does well today. His campaign is a historic opportunity that won’t repeat itself. He is an extraordinary man, above all for his decency and integrity. I am proud of supporting him.